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What is Bail?

When a person is charged with a crime there is a period before their required court appearance during which the suspect must either remain in the custody of the judicial system or pay a certain amount of money in order to be let go. This amount of money is known in California as bail and can be paid by anyone directly to the jail or detention center.


In most every case bail bonds are exonerated at the end of the trial, regardless of guilt. Bail bonds are exonerated only if the suspect goes to all of their court appearances and fulfills their legal obligations, such as phoning or checking in with a probation officer. Most every person in California has the right to post bail in their criminal case depending on their crime.


One method of releasing an accused is called recognizance. This means that the court trusts the suspect based on past behavior or other factors enough to let them go without any bail paid upfront. The bail is only to be paid if the accused does not fulfill their legal duties and court appearances as promised. The accused must also adhere to a strict set of laws and legal obligations. If these are not met then the bail amount is due and additional jail time may be added to any sentence.


Many people accused of crimes need to post bail in order to obtain their freedom. Posting a bail bond can be done by the accused family or friends for the accused. This situation is also known as surety, when a company such as Andrew Sterling Bail Bonds agrees to take responsibility for the accused and posts the amount needed to release the detainee.


Because of this responsibility and the costs involved, Andrew Sterling Bail Bonds receives 10% of the bail amount as payment from our clients. This is a California State regulated amount and we only take payment upon successful completion of the posting. If our client misses any of their legal responsibilities while out on our bail then additional fees are applied.


In some rare cases we use the resources of our bounty hunters, legally trained employees who find bail jumpers (people we bailed out who did not show up for court appearances) and bring them back into custody. In these cases the fees paid by the accused are even greater as they include payment for our bounty hunter services. Bounty hunters have authority to enter the premises of others and usually operate independently from law enforcement.


Andrew Sterling Bail Bonds - Los Angeles County / California Bail Bonds Specialist - provides bail services throughout California. We have offices all over California and are easily located near most California jails. We are able to travel to meet with our clients as well. Andrew Sterling Bail Bonds respects each and every client and we provide highly confidential and professional bail bonds services for just about anyone.

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