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Visitation Guidelines?

When visiting someone in a correctional or holding facility, the visitors are expected to follow specific rules and guidelines. To make your visit as pleasant as possible, be prepared to meet the following guidelines:
  • Each facility sets their own visiting hours, limitation on the number of visits each week and the number of people at each visit. Check the facility you will be going to for their specific information.

  • Some facilities require appointments for visitation so you may need to call in advance to schedule one.

  • You may be required to check in as much as 30 minutes early for the appointment. Your appointment will be canceled if you are not early. Check with the facility when scheduling.

  • A picture ID will be required for each visitor.

  • An adult must accompany visitors under the age of 18.

  • A visitor can only visit with the inmate they signed up to visit.

  • Once you leave the visitation area, your visit is considered terminated. You cannot return to the visitation area that day.

  • You and your belongings are subject to search by correctional staff.

  • No alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, tear gas/O.C. dispensers, cameras and/or knives will be allowed in the visiting area.

  • Any visitor bringing illegal contraband into the facility may be arrested.

  • Usually smoking is not allowed in any part of jail including the lobby.

  • Usually no food or drink is allowed in the lobby and visiting areas.

  • Visitors must be dressed in appropriate attire. You can be denied visitation if your clothing is considered offensive to others, refers to gang affiliations, displays inappropriate comments or pictures or doesn't cover sufficiently.

  • Any visitor committing a criminal act anywhere on jail property is subject to arrest.

  • All facilities reserve the right to terminate any visit if deemed necessary for security purposes.

These are only general guidelines. Some facilities' rules may be different and you should check with the facility you are visiting before arrival.


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