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Bail Amounts

All bail amounts are approximate and may differ from county to county. Penal Codes:

  • General
  • Welfare and Institutions
  • Health and Safety
  • Business and Professions
  • Vehicle Codes
Code Section Offense Class Assumptive Bail
32 Accessory (Felony) F/M The greater of ½ the amount for the principal offense or $15,000.
37 Treason F  
67 Bribing Executive Office (Give/Offer) F $25,000
67.5 Bribery of Public Officer or Employee
(If theft or thing given offered would be grand theft)
68 Officer Asking / Receiving Bribes F $15,000
69 Resisting / Deterring Officer (Threat/Violence) F/M $15,000
70 Asking/Accepting Gratuity By Official M  
76 Threats to the life of an Officer or Judge   $100,000
92,93 Bribery, Offering, Accepting by Judges, Jurors, Referees   $100,000
113 Manufacturing false documents to conceal true citizenship   $75,000
114 Using false documents to conceal true citizenship   $25,000
115 Offering forged/false documents for filing   $10,000
118 Perjury F $25,000
127 Subornation of perjury   $25,000
136.1 (c) Preventing/Dissuading Victim/Witness From Attending / Giving Testimony F/M $100,000
137 (a)(b) Influencing Testimony   $100,000
142 Officer Refusing To Receive/Arrest Criminal F/M  
147 Inhumane Treatment/Oppression of Prisoner    
148 Resisting/Obstructing Officer F/M  
148.1 False Report of Bomb F  
148.2 Interfere With Fireman/Paramedic M  
148.3 False Report of Emergency (to a government agency) M  
148.5 False Report of Felony/Misdemeanor (Officer/DA) M  
148.9 False ID To Officer M  
149 Assault Under the Color of Authority F $25,000
150 Refuse To Aid Officers M  
151 Advocate Injuring/Killing Officer F/M  
153 Compounding A Crime F/M  
165 Bribery of Councilman, Supervisor, etc.   $25,000.
166.4 Willful Disobedience of Court Order M  
166.5 Willful Disobedience To Any Process/Order M  
182 Criminal Conspiracy F Same as substantive offence
185 Wear Mask or Personal Disguise M  
186.22 Criminal Gang Activity F  
187 Murder – With special circumstances – NO BAIL

All other murders

F $1,000,000
191.5 Gross Vehicular Homicide (DUI with gross negligence) F $50,000
192(a) Manslaughter – Voluntary F $60,000
192(b) Manslaughter – Involuntary   $25,000
192 (c)(1) Manslaughter – Driving vehicle with gross negligence   $50,000
192 (c)(3) Vehicular Homicide (DUI without gross negligence)   $50,000
192.5 Manslaughter With Vessel F/M  
195 Accidental/Excusable Homicide    
196 Justifiable Homicide By Officer    
203 Mayhem F $100,000
205 Aggravated Mayhem F $500,000
207 Kidnapping F $100,000
207 (b) Kidnapping victim under 14   $500,000
209(a) Kidnap for Ransom/Extortion F $500,000
209(b) Kidnapping for robbery (life)   $500,000
209.5 Kidnapping during a carjacking   $500,000
210 Pose As Kidnapper To Obtain Ransom/Reward F  
210.5 Take Hostage F $100,000
211 Robbery F  
212.5 (a)(b) Home Invasion Robbery – First Degree   $50,000
212.5(c) Robbery – Second Degree   $35,000
214 Train Robbery F  
215 Car Jacking   $100,000
219 Train wrecking (life)   $500,000
220 Assault With Intent to Commit Mayhem/Rape/Sodomy/Oral Copulation
(any violation of PC section 264.1, 288 or 289)
F Same as substantive offense
222 Administering drugs to aid felony   $15,000
236 False Imprisonment F/M  
240 Assault M  
241.1 Assault On Officer/Fireman/Paramedic/EMT M $20,000
243 Battery M  
243 (b) Battery On Officer (Minor Injury) M  
243 (c) Battery On Officer (Injury Requires Medical Treatment) F $25,000
243 (d) Battery On Person (Serious Bodily Injury) F $50,000
243 (e) Battery On Any Non-Cohabitating Former Spouse/Fiancée With Whom The Defendant has Had Previous Dating Relationship F  
243.1 Battery – Upon custodial officer in performance of duties   $25,000
243.4 Sexual Battery/Touch Intimate Part of Another F/M $25,000
244 Assault With Caustic Chemicals (i.e. mace or tear gas) F $50,000
244.5 Assault With Stun Gun F  
245 (a)(1) Assault With A Deadly Weapon or Force likely to produce great bodily injury F $20,000
245 (a)(2) Assault with a firearm   $30,000
245 (c) Assault with deadly weapon other than a fireman or force likely to produce great bodily injury upon a peace officer or fireman   $50,000
245 (d)(1) Assault with a fireman upon a peace officer or fireman   $100,000
245 (d)(2) Assault with a semiautomatic upon a peace officer/fireman   $200,000
246 Shoot Into Inhabited Dwelling/Vehicle F $250,000
246.3 Shoot Firearm In Gross Negligent Manner Which Could Result In Injury/Death F $25,000
247 Shoot At Unoccupied Aircraft/Vehicle or Uninhabited Building/House F  
261 Rape F $50,000
261.5 Unlawful Sexual Intercourse (Female Under 18 years old) F $10,000
262 Rape of Spouse F $50,000
264.1 Aid/Abet Another in Committing Rape F $100,000
266 (a) Take a Person for Prostitution F  
266 (c) Sexual Consent (Obtained by Fear /Fraud) F  
266 (h) Pimping F $25,000
266 (i) Pandering
If minor
F $25,000
266(j) Providing/Transporting Child Under 16 years for Purpose of Lewd/Lascivious Acts F  
270 Child Neglect M  
270.5 Parent Refuse. Without Lawful Excuse, To Accept Child Into Home or Provide Alternative Shelter M  
271 Desert Child Under 14 years M  
271 (a) Abandon Child Under 14 years M  
272 Contribute to Delinquency of a Minor M  
273 (a) Paying Parent for Adoption of a Child M  
273a(a) Cruelty to/Endangering a Child F/M $50,000
273d(a) Corporal Punishment of a Child F $50,000
273 (g) Immoral Practices In Presence of Children M  
273.5 Corporal injury of Spouse, Cohabitant of the Opposite Sex, or Mother or Father of His or Her Child.

With 273.55 PC Priors
F $50,000

273.6 Violation of Domestic Violence Court Order M  
277 Child Abduction By Person Having Right to Custody F  
278 Child Abduction by Person not Having Right to Custody F $40,000
278.5 Custody Decree/Order Violation F  
285 Incest F $50,000
286 Sodomy F  
286(b)(1) If victim is under 18   $50,000
286(b)(2) If victim is under 16 and defendant is over 21   $75,000
286(c) If victim under 14 and defendant is more than 10 years older than the victim.

If defendant compelled another by force, duress or threats of great bodily injury.

286(d) If in concert with force and violence   $100,000
286(e) If committed in S.P. or C.J.   $30,000
286(f) If victim unconscious of nature of act   $35,000
286.5 Sexually Assaulting Animal M  
288a Oral Copulation   $20,000
288a(b)(1) If victim under 18   $20,000
288a(b)(2) If victim under 16 and defendant over 21   $75,000
288a(c) If victim under 14 and defendant more than 10 years older than victim

If defendant compelled another to participate by force, duress or threats of great bodily injury

288a(d) If committed in S.P. or C.J.   $30,000
288a(f) If victim unconscious of nature of act   $50,000
289 Penetration of Genital/Anal Openings by foreign object F $50,000
290 Registered Sex Offender M  
302 Disturbance of Religious Meetings M  
303 (a) Soliciting/Begging In bar for Alcohol M  
314 Indecent Exposure

With prior conviction of P.C. 288 or 314(1)
F/M $20,000
316 Keeping House of Prostitution M  
337a Bookmaking   $50,000
368 Elder Abuse   $50,000
386 Endanger Elder/Dependent Adult F  
381 (a) Possession of Toluene/Under the Influence M  
403 Disturbance of Public Assembly (other than religious or political) M  
404 Riot M  
404.6 Urging Riot M  
405(b) Lynching F $25,000
406 Rout M  
407 Unlawful Assembly M  
409 Failure to Disperse M  
415 Disturbing the Peace M  
417 Brandish Deadly Weapon M  
417.1 Brandish Firearm in Presence of and Officer F  
417.3 Brandish Firearm In Presence of Occupant of Motor Vehicle F  
422 Terrorist Threats – (death or great bodily injury) F $50,000
422.7 Interference with civil rights   $50,000
424 Embezzlement or Falsification of Accounts by Public Officers   $25,000
451(a) Arson Causing Great Bodily Injury F $100,000
451(b) Arson, Inhabited Structure   $250,000
451(c) Arson, Structure or Forest land   $75,000
451(d) Arson, other property   $50,000
452(a) Recklessly Causing a Fire with Great Bodily Injury F/M $25,000
452(b) Recklessly Causing Fire, Inhabited Structure   $10,000
452(c) Recklessly Causing Fire, Structure or Forestland   $7,500
453(a) Explosives, flammable matter, possession F/M $50,000
453(b) Firebomb, possession, manufacture, disposal   $50,000
454 Arson During State of Emergency   $150,000
459 Burglary

- Residential
- All others
F $30,000

463 Looting   $50,000
464 Burglary With Explosives F $50,000
466 Burglary Tools M  
470 Forgery: intent; Documents of Value; Counterfeiting Seal; Uttering; Falsification of Records F $10,000
470(a) Forgery or Counterfeiting Driver’s License or ID Card   $10,000
470(b) Displaying or Possessing Forged Drive’s License or ID Card with Intent to Accomplish a Forgery   $15,000
471 Forgery, false entries in records returns   $10,000
472 Forgery or Counterfeiting or Seals; possession and concealment   $10,000
475 Forged bills or notes, possession or receipt   $10,000
475(a) Forged checks or warrants, possession   $10,000
476 Fictitious Checks, Making, Uttering   $10,000
476a Insufficient Funds F/M $5,000
477, 479, 480 Counterfeiting of coin F $10,000
484(b) Theft (Defined)

If amount exceeds $1,000
484(c) Embezzlement of funds for construction   $25,000
484(d) Access Cards (definitions)    
484e.(d) Credit cards, 4 or more acquired in violation of P.C. 484(e) in 12-month period F/M $10,000
484f.(a) Credit card, make card purporting to be F $10,000
484f(b) Credit Card, Sign false name F/M $10,000
484g. Credit card obtained in violation of PC 484(e) or forged Card; used for obtaining anything of value

If value of goods, etc. received exceeds $400.00 in consecutive 6-month period

484h.(a) Credit Card Fraudulent-Merchant Furnishing Goods with Knowledge of

If payment received exceeds $400 in consecutive 6-month period.

484h.(b) Credit Card Issuer-Merchant Fraudulent Receiving Payment from

If payment received for goods, etc, not furnished goods exceeds $400 in consecutive 6-month period

484j.(b) Credit Card Equipment, Possession without consent of issuer   $10,000
485 Lost Property (make Effort to Locate Owner) F/M  
487 Grand Theft
Or amount of theft, whichever is higher
F $20,000
487(c) Grand theft person   $25,000
487(d) Theft of Motor Vehicle

When there is evidence of a chop shop operation

488 Petty Theft M  
489.(a) Grand Theft Firearm   $50,000
496 Receiving/Possession of Stolen Property
Or amount received, whichever is higher
F $10,000
497 Stolen Property, Bringing into State   $20,000
499 (b) Joyriding M  
502 Computer Fraud
Or amount stolen, whichever is higher
503 Embezzlement F/M  
504 Embezzlement, Misappropriation by Public Officers
Or amount stolen, whichever is higher
504(a) Embezzlement, Disposal of Personal Property Under Lease or Lien
Or amount stolen, whichever is higher
504(b) Embezzlement or Proceeds of Sale of Secured Property
Or amount stolen, whichever is higher
505 Embezzlement by carrier or individual transporting property for Hire.
Or amount stolen, whichever is higher
506 Embezzlement, misappropriation by Trustee, Contractor
Or amount stolen, whichever is higher
507 Embezzlement by Bailee
Or amount stolen, whichever is higher
514 Embezzlement or Defalcation of Public Funds
Or amount stolen, whichever is higher
518, 519 Extortion, not amounting to robbery F/M $35,000
522 Extortion, obtaining Signature by Threats   $50,000
523 Extortion, threatening letters   $35,000
529 False Impersonation of Another F/M $15,000
532 False Pretenses   $20,000
548 Defrauding Insurer
Or amount taken, whichever is greater
537 Defrauding an Innkeeper F/M  
591 Injuring Telephone/Cable TV Lines F/M  
594 Vandalism F/M  
594.3 Vandalism of Church F $50,000
597 Cruelty to Animals F  
600 Injure Horse/Dog Used by peace Officer F/M  
601 Trespass With Threat to Cause Serious Bodily Injury F  
602 Trespass M  
602.5 Unauthorized Entry of Dwelling M  
646.9(a-c) Stalking F/M $150,000
647 (a) Soliciting Anyone To Or Engage In Lewd Conduct In A Public Place M  
647 (b) Solicit/Agree/Engage In Prostitution M  
647 (c) Begging M  
647 (d) Loitering Around Public Toilet for Purposes of Soliciting /Engaging in any Lewd Act M  
647 (e) Loitering /Wandering W/O Apparent Reason and Refuse to ID Self M  
647 (f) Intoxicating/Under Influence M  
647 (g) Loitering/Prowling on Private Property M  
647 (h) Loitering/Prowling on Private Property (peeking in window/door) M  
647 (i) Lodging in Building W/O Consent of Owner M  
647.6 Annoying/Molesting Children M  
653f.(b) Solicit Murder   $150,000
653f.(c) Solicit Rape, Etc.   $50,000
653 (k) Switchblade Knives (over 2") M  
653(m) Annoying/Harassing Phone Calls M  
653w(a) Failure to Disclose origin of Recording or Audiovisual Work   $25,000
664/187 Attempts (attempted murder) F/M $500,000
664(a) Completed crime punishable by SP

Same as substantive offense except for attempted murder
666 Conviction of Theft

Note; If convicted on any theft, 2nd arrest is a felony.
F/M $15,000
834 Arrest Defined    
835 Reasonable Restraint for Arrest/Detention<    
835 (a) Reasonable Force to Effect Arrest, Prevent Escape Overcome Resistance    
836 Arrest by Officer    
837 Arrest by Private Person    
841 Authority/intent/Cause To Arrest    
849 (b) Release From Custody (Insufficient Grounds/Intoxicated/Under Influence Only)    
853.6 Citation of Misdemeanors    
1203.2 Probation Violation    
4501 Assault with a Deadly Weapon by Prison Inmate   $25,000
4501.5 Battery on non-inmate by prison inmate   $15,000
4502 Possession of Deadly Weapon by Prison Inmate   $15,000
4503 Holding of Hostages by Prison Inmate   $100,000
4530(a) Escape, attempted escape from prison with force or violence   NOT BAILABLE
4530(b) Escape, attempted escape from prison without force or violence   NOT BAILABLE
4532(a) Escape; attempted escape by misdemeanant, inebriate or person on work furlough from jail, industrial farm, etc.

- Convicted
- Not Convicted

(Plus bail amount on original charge)


4532(b) Escape; attempted escape by felon from jail, industrial farm, etc.

- Convicted
- Not Convicted

(Plus bail amount on original charge)


4573 Bringing controlled Substances into Jail   $10,000
4574 Smuggling weapon into jail or prison   $25,000
12001.5 Short-Barreled Shotgun/Rifle F  
12020 Manufacture/Importation/Sale/Possession of Disguised Fireman/Deadly Weapons F $10,000
12021 Ex-Con Possession of a Firearm (Involving Offenses of Violent Use of Firearm) F $20,000
12021.1 Ex-Con Possession of a Firearm (Previous Violent Felonies) F  
12022 Commit/Attempt to Commit Felony with Firearm    
12022(a)(1) Principal armed with firearm   $15,000
12022(c) Personally armed with firearm during specified drug offenses   $20,000
12022(d) Knowledge that principal is armed as per P.C. 12022(c)   $15,000
12022.1(b) New felony offense committed while felony charges pending against defendant   $25,000
12022.1(e) New felony offense committed while defendant on prison parole   $25,000
12022.1(f) New felony offense committed while defendant on felony probation   $25,000
12022.2 Armor piercing ammunition   $30,000
12022.3(a) Use firearm sex case   $30,000
12022.3(b) Armed firearm sex case   $25,000
12022.5(a) Personal use of firearm   $25,000
12022.5(b) Discharging firearm at occupied vehicle   $30,000
12022.55 Discharge firearm from vehicle with death or great bodily injury   $30,000
12022.6(a) Loss exceeds $50,000.
Or amount of loss, whichever is greater
12022.6(b) Loss exceeds $150,000.
Or amount of loss, whichever is greater
12022.6(c) Loss exceeds $1,000,000.
Or amount of loss, whichever is greater
12022.6(d) Loss exceeds $2,500,000.
Or amount of loss, whichever is greater
12022.7 Infliction of great bodily injury   $30,000
12022.75 Administer drug against victim’s will   $20,000
12022.8 Great Bodily Injury in connection with certain sex offense   $30,000
12022.9 Great Bodily Injury causing termination of pregnancy   $75,000
12025(b)(i) Concealed weapon on person or in vehicle without license with prior felony conviction or prior violation of deadly weapons act F/M $20,000
12025(b)(5) Concealed weapon on person with prior conviction of crimes against person, property, or involving drugs   $20,000
12028.5 Officer May take Temporary Custody of Firearms from Scene of PC 13700 (48hrs)    
12031 Carry Loaded Weapon on Person or in Vehicle F/M  
12034(c) Personally Shooting From Motor Vehicle F/M $250,000
12072.(g)(4) Transfer of firearm   $10,000
12090 Alter Serial Number on Firearm F  
12091 Possession of Firearm With Altered Serial Number    
12101 Minor in Possession of Firearm> M  
12303.1 Carrying or placing explosives on common carrier   $500,000
12303.2 Possession of destructive devices or explosives in public places F $500,000
12303.3 Possession of exploding or destructive device or explosive with intent to injure F $500,000
12308 Exploding destructive device or explosive with intent to murder   $500,000
12309 Unlawful explosion causing bodily injury   $500,000
12312 Possession of materials with intent to make destructive device or explosive   $150,000
12420 Possession of Tear Gas M  



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