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Locating a Court House
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Locating a Jail
Trying to locate a jail house in the middle of the night is a confusing and some time a long process. Click Here to find a local Jail


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Court Etiquette

  • Weapons of any sort are prohibited

  • Drugs are prohibited

  • Electronic devices are not to be used in the courtrooms (unless approved by the court)

  • Do not chew gum while testifying

  • Stand up straight and speak clearly

  • Pay attention to any instruction given by the employees of the court and the Judge

  • It is permissible to respond with," I don't recall" if you do not remember some details

  • Answer only the question that you are asked. Do not volunteer information

  • If you do not want to answer a question, do not ask the judge whether you must answer it. If it is an improper question, your attorney will rise and state an objection.

  • Do not shake your head to indicate a "yes" or "no" answer. Use words to answer every question.

  • When in court, federal magistrates are to be referred to as "Your Honor".

  • The court is only interested in the facts. Please do not give your opinions or your conclusions unless you are asked.

  • Do not allow yourself to become angry. This will not help your case.

  • Try to dress professionally.

  • Remove sunglasses in court.

  • Have any evidence or relevant paperwork handy.

  • Try to leave disruptive children at home.

  • Be early. People who are late may be issued a bench warrant or have their bail forfeited.

  • Do not leave the courtroom without knowing when and where you are ordered to return.




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